Digital Work with Oldham College1 min read

The Peshkar team has been working closely with Oldham College since September last year bringing digital experiments and skill sessions to their students studying digital game design.

Our team of artists – Michael John Mizra, Kevin Testagrossa, Sophie Mahon and Glen Meskell-Brocken – have run sessions focusing on sonic art experiments, digital imagery, 3D projection mapping, stop-motion animation, and filmmaking.

All students taking part in the workshops  – as well as supporting their course modules – are also working towards Arts Award Silver. The national qualification for the arts.

This term we have also been working with students to explore the digital world and to discover what digital means to a young person. All students will also be working towards helping to produce and deliver our Young Digitals Festival 2018 and a special Young Digital Symposium being held at the end of March which will look at all things digital and how it connects to and what it means for young people. More information on that coming soon – keep an eye on our news section and social media for details on that.

Below we have a selection of images and videos from the students work since September.