Young Digitals Festival 2023
Mother Tongue: Hidden Stories




Returning for a seventh year; Peshkar Productions presents the Young Digitals Festival 2023 – #YDF2023. 

Join us for a day of digital workshops, spoken word performances and digital exhibitions as we explore and celebrate the rich diversity of languages in Oldham through digital art and technology.

What does it feel like living in a society where the main language is not your mother tongue?

What challenges would you face?

What are the hopes, dreams and ambitions of young people in Oldham?

What does it really feel like to be a young person in Oldham?

Here’s what to expect on the day!


Film screenings showcasing work from our artist outreach projects, Digital Saturday workshops and much more…


10.30am – 3.30pm
Create an Image using Text

11.00am – 1.00pm
Photography Workshop

11.00am – 2.30pm
Digital Animation & Illustration

12.00pm – 2.00pm
Digital-Zine Making

Exhibition stands on gaming,
YDF23 and much more…

Here is a word from Mila Nixon,  YDF 2023‘s Project Manager.

– – –


Language is something we use every day to communicate, especially how we feel and think.

The English language is what connected us all together, it allowed us to hear the stories and observations of the young people of Oldham. 

Within Oldham roughly 150 languages are spoken, and through the exploration of digital mediums I wished to explore how this can be visually represented.

Our method

Language is something that we visually take in and process all the time through what we see around us: flyers, magazines, books, posters, signs, adverts, etc. We paid close attention to how young people of Oldham experience and process what they see and hear in a visual way and used different digital technologies to show this. Focusing on language, its visual imagery as an abstract and exploring the digital through the use of language and text became the key focus as the artists began engaging with a range of groups: Silver Arts Award with Oldham College, Outreach Programmes with Mahdlo and our Digital Saturdays programme in Limehurst. 

We began to explore these ideas with the hope of looking at how we can interpret and explore all the multiple different languages of Oldham communities into visual language and art. We found that by subverting the theme, we were able to connect through the use of English and highlight the diversity of other languages.  

Through digital Saturdays and Artist’s interventions could be explored using photography, video work, graphic animation, to transcribing videos or recorded audio into experimental music and sound. Stripping back the mulit-layer façade of the digital and going back to the basics, as a way to hone and develop key valuable skills that can be later developed further.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect is addressing how we translate spoken word into visual imagery. To address this we engaged artists who have already explored this in their own aspect through various mediums such as digital collage, video art, illustration and animation. Most importantly, these artists all come from different backgrounds with varying experiences which enrich the experiences of the young people they work with.

The artists include

Kate Partington – Collage & Graphic Artist 

Nia Palmer – Socially Engaged Artist & Curator 

Alessandra-Maria Rădulescu – VFX & Computer Animation Artist 

Natalia Santos – Multi-Media Artist

An Invite

What we learnt so far has been through the act of speaking connecting through the different creative sessions establishing a safe space for each young person to express themselves visually and verbally.


We now invite you through the journey of YDF23 and its creative outcomes from both the artists and young people involved.