#4F4O4U4R was a digital performance art piece performed at the Young Digitals Festival 2018.

Featuring –

Each minute had a theme, an emotion, a pace and a creative stimuli.

Working with artists from Peshkar’s artist pool – Kevin Testagrossa, Sufea Mohamed, Hollie Wimpenny, Fay Beesley, Bill Duffy and Sophie Mahon.

Who created each piece of art with students and young people from Mahdlo – Oldham Waterhead Academy and Oasis Academy Oldham.

Neither setting or artists discussed or shared the work they produced during the process until the actual performance.

At performance audience chose at random which minute of sonic art was to be performed first, which minute of movement and which minute of video. And so on.

The performance would then quite randomly and completely accidentally connect and work in synergy with each other and just at that point of connection it would fall away to create a mixture of artistic chaos and then suddenly connect again.

This randomness of performance changed with every minute that was presented to an audience and here we have a short promo of all of the sonic art, video and movement combined into a minute.

It only gives an echo of how the performance worked in the flesh but does give you an idea of how it knitted together on the day. #digital#performance #sonicart #ydf18 #oldham #random #performanceart

Sonic Art

Created with young people from Mahdlo Youth Zone the four minutes of sonic art were created with artists Kevin Testagrossa and Bill Duffy. Here are each minutes of sonic art.

Digital Films