Between September and December 2022, Peshkar artists Lois and Toubie have been working with a fantastic group of girls from Oldham based charity Fatima Women’s Association. The group came on board in the summer and were keen to develop new skills in drama while also using the visual art skills that many of them already possess. This led us to design a combined project using theatre and animation to enable young people to create story and character while having the option to distance themselves from live performance if they felt the need.

As part of the project they have also been working towards Bronze Arts Award by documenting and reflecting on their progress, watching online clips of theatre and discussing them and developing their leadership skills.

These are the poems that you can hear being recited in the video…


Shared Dream Poem

Go to sleep and dream

The love of your life 

Standing before your eyes

You’re the radiant beam

Whether day or night

You’re my light

So go to sleep and dream.

Writing: Suhabia & Minahil
Animation: Suhabia, Minahil, Zoya and Alishba


Go to sleep and dream

Of hatred, sadness

Sorrow, Anger and



Go to sleep and dream

Maybe one day we will

Get away from all this

Maybe one day we will

Pay back all the

Tears we have lost.

Writing: Sehar & Zainab
Animation: Sehar, Zainab and Aila


Wake up and dream

Maybe you’ll win

Sorrows will seem



This nightmare will make me hurry

Maybe I’ll wake up and worry

Writing: Fatima, Zenab, Laaibah, Summaya
Animation: Fatima and Laaibah


Go out and win

Maybe outside there’s a medal

Or a block of gold

A Heaven

Or a fantasy land

Go out and win.

Writing: Noorania & Eshal
Animation: Noorania, Eshal and Zenab