We store memories in picture frames, we build the walls of our lives looking through glass and light.

Through performative acts of therapy and self-care, William uses the mystic elements of colour, puppetry, and photography to grapple with his grief from losing a close friend.

// About the Artist

I am William Lang. I’m a dancer, visual artist, writer, and performance maker based in Liverpool.

My practice brings together explorations of dance improvisation, costume, music, aesthetic qualities of texture, performance, poetry/writings, found objects, collage and more recently, film. Within my dance practice, improvisation is rooted at its core, a tool that I apply in making in any medium.

For this commission, I will be creating a film exploring colour. Colour is often a trivial, unnoticed part of our every day, yet unconsciously or not, it systematically informs our visual surroundings. I am interested in making a film that explores the magic, mysticism, and strangeness of this visual language. How do we imagine the colour? Is colour abstract or figurative?  


RECLAIM is a short film focused on how to use the space around you, reclaiming spaces and owning what you need in these times where we are all subject to mandatory rules about staying at home and distancing from others.

The film seeks to encourage people to get out (or stay in) and express themselves in a way that fills them with joy. Sally wants to encourage everyone to do things that make them happy and bring them joy within the confines of the “rules”.


This website was created to explore ideas around Robinson Crusoe and how they relate to the quarantine period in 2020, using a mixture of images and text made by Sam Rushton. Contains flashing images.

// About the Artist

Sam Rushton is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Yorkshire, with his practice interested in strange and esoteric things. Recently Sam has worked with In-Situ, Castlefield Gallery as well as Peshkar on artistic projects. His Captive Audience project will investigate ideas around solitude, looking at the similarities and differences between cultural archetypes and lived experience. Essentially, what was Robinson Crusoe on about?


The Gospel According To Instagram is a response to a social media culture which promotes productivity over wellness. We all want to learn things, share things, and work towards a better tomorrow.

Sometimes, this can be at the expense of everything else – and a compulsion to always ‘be better’ can be dangerous. This project is a series of animations exploring the various ways we can put self-improvement before self-care. In the cult of Instagram, we don’t exist unless we are working hard, working out, or werking the dancefloor. These videos and images use religious iconography to remind us not to worship the idea of perpetual productivity. They are good-natured reminders that to hustle is human, but to rest is divine.

// About the Artist

Joseph is a producer, facilitator and designer. He had designed and delivered creative experiences in over 1,500 venues across the UK. As a designer, he collaborated with CATS winner (Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland) Jamie Macdonald to make work for the Tron Theatre (Glasgow) and the Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh). In 2018, he teamed up with the People’s History Museum to create artwork for public exhibition. This won a Partnership Prize at the North West Cultural Education Awards (Curious Minds). This project will respond to the spread of ‘Productivity Porn’ across social media. Joseph will create a collection of artwork inspired by public service imagery from times of crisis and political campaigns. Each image will represent a Deadly Instagram Sin. The images will then be animated and symbolically destroyed.