Commencing in ealy 2020, YOUth On Air was an Erasmus+ funded project exploring how radio and podcasting can be used as a tool in Youth Work and saw Peshkar collaborate with organisations in Belgium, Serbia and North Macedonia to develop a training programme and toolkit and a series of participatory projects with young people in our local communities. 

Here in the UK, we recruited a team of four artists Lorien Edwards, Huma Arshad, Rabhia Saeeda and Georgia Lomax Thorpe, each of whom developed a brand new project with young people local to them after taking part in the training course. With the project taking place in late 2020 and early 2021, all this work had to take place online which was especially challenging for all the artists and participants, however they rose to the challenge and created some fascinating, insightful and emotional pieces of work. 

The shows that were created can be heard on our Mixcloud account, along with the pieces created by our European partners

Some of the shows were also created with visual elements and these can be seen via Youtube here…

If you are interested in exploring the toolkit that was created or setting up an audio project in your own setting, get in touch with