Will It Be Enough? 1 min read

Back in November, we started work with our friends at One Voice Blackburn on our ‘Bubble Up’ programme. This piece of work was supported through Curious Minds and enabled us, along with the team at One Voice and friends McNally Music Tuition to develop a three-way project where girls from the West End Girls (WEGs) club could work together to create a music video. 

Three groups worked separately and shared ideas to develop a song, choreography and a series of short scenes to make up the video and filmed and recorded just before Christmas, in time for lockdown!

We can now share the final piece with you. ‘Will it be enough?’ asks questions about prejudice in society and raises issues around self-esteem and self-worth that were close to the hearts of the girls. We’re really proud of them for all their hard work. Please watch the video and give it a ‘like’!

Thanks to our friends, artists and partners One Voice, McNally Music Tuition, Sally Hendry and Northern Heart Films.