We Will Probably Never Meet1 min read

We Will Probably Never Meet by Ryan Gilmartin, James Monaghan and Boundless Theatre in association with Eastern Angles and Peshkar.

We are proud to announce that as part of our ‘Crisis Commissions’ Artist Development package, we are supporting this exciting new research and development piece from Peshkar artist Ryan Gilmartin plus performance artist James Monaghan, Boundless Theatre and Eastern Angles. 

We Will Probably Never Meet brings together young people from Bermondsey, Spalding and Oldham to explore the creation of theatre via the telephone. Young people aged 15-25 from Oldham will be invited to take part in an online workshop and become the first audience for the new piece. More information about the project can be found on Boundless Theatre’s website at boundlesstheatre.org.uk/projects/we-will-probably-never-meet/

If you would like to inquire about taking part in this project, please contact steph@peshkar.co.uk by 30th June.