Here are the artists taking part in the Under25Routes project UK residency.

These short films are the Under25Routes artists discussing what inspires them, their instant association to certain words and what the Under25Routes project has meant for them. With all the films spliced together at the top of the page.

Complete Under25Routes Artists

Matthew Harrison-Lord


Gloriya Ghosteyeva


Bill Duffy


Noel Conde Ribes


Paula Pachon


Cristina Martinez Garcia


Pedro O Parente


Pepa Roig Camaresa


Fabio Vaz


Damon Coherton


Fay Beesley


Originally formed in 1991 as a community theatre project for Oldham’s Asian community, Peshkar has evolved into the UK’s leading participatory arts organisation targeting young people who are deemed hard to reach or socially disadvantaged.

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