UNDER25ROUTES – WEEK 4 – Bill2 min read

The fourth week of the Under25Routes UK residency came to an end last week (07 July 2016). As we enter the final week  – and performance week – of the residency we hear from UK based artist Bill Duffy, telling us how that fourth week went. 

Monday- My studio time was fairly unproductive today. I practised my pieces, ‘Paranoia’ carried over from Lisbon and Red Rocking Chair. The group dispersed after our obligatory warm up and group tasks to work on our pieces for the showings to the British management on Thursday. In the evening, I went to Young Identity’s weekly workshop at Home. I was particularly inspired in this session by the art exhibition by Eden Kötting and wrote a poem concerning family, male chauvinism and conflict.

Tuesday- Today we did an animation workshop with Gloriya in which we created a group animation using tracing paper. Gloriya then turn the results into a stop motion animation with an excerpt from Vivaldi’s Autumn. In the afternoon, we did an exercise led by Noel in which we told personal stories in pairs. Our partners then had to recant our stories as if they were their own to another person. We also split up into three groups designated costume, scenography and tech. I was in the tech group as I have very little input into the costumes and scenography of the performers.

Wednesday- On this day I memorised my poem from the Home workshop as I now plan to do this in the show. Fay and Matthew collaborated on a piece of new material involving orange peel. I was particularly interested in this as the piece saw Fay doing performance art which is somewhat different to her drama background.

Thursday- Run throughs, performers sleeping during breaks. Damon and I do the music for Fay and Matthews orange peel. I am really happy doing this piece with them. In the evening, we went to Debbie Sharp’s show – Revolt – part of Manifest Festival.

Friday- We did a full costume run through and then after lunch spoke about the material, the running order and cleared away the studio one last time. I will miss the old place but cannot wait to get into the space and start work.