To Be Young, Creative and Commissioned2 min read

// Alina Rehman

// Alina Rehman


Hey there fellow creatives! Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alina Rehman but you can just call me Alina. I am 23 and an upcoming performance artist with a creative background in theatre, performing, devising, writing and fine art. This is my first ever commission and professional performance project thanks to Peshkar. For me, that means I have entered a stage in my life that I will one day look back on and think of as a first learning experience in the big, wide world of contemporary theatre.

The thing about new experiences is that they can be something very memorable for good or bad reasons. Personally, I hope that this will be a mixed bag of ups and downs that I will learn from and carry with me for the rest of my future career to come. Of course, that means that along the way I will be facing inevitable obstacles as well as moments of uncertainty. The beauty of that is knowing the next step is simply seeking advice from the team of mentors and partners I’m surrounded with on this part of my journey. The goal is not to know all the answers, it is to learn and grow and continue forward.

As a new performance artist, I aspire to keep this mindset and adopt the work ethic of staying productive with what excites and motivates me especially when it comes to this new project of mine. In addition to this, building up my network of keen colleagues whom I hope to steadily work alongside for the next 10 weeks, with optimistic outlooks and a hardworking approach that serves us well as a team. I cannot claim to already be an expert in theatre and performance practices and on how to create successfully produced outcomes. However, I know that as long as I believe in my trained abilities and that the people at Peshkar keep their faith in me, I will be able to create a project that I am not only proud of but those who I will have the pleasure of collaborating with are also.

I am already excited to get started and I hope you will match my enthusiasm when following my first journey as a professional performance artist.