The Desire to Create1 min read

// Steward Knights

// Steward Knights


Art, the desire to create, is something we carry with us all day, every day, wherever we go.

I loved studying art in high school and college. It was the subject I got the most out of, spending as much time as possible in our studio working on all sorts of ideas. It emboldened me to share my thoughts and to have the courage to explore new ways of communicating. Yet, for whatever reason, I did not choose it at University, choosing to study Business instead.

My focus shifted to developing my understanding of what it takes to build a business, and during my degree I learned about the fundamentals of marketing, team-building, and how to find support and financing for my ideas.

After graduating I went to work for an events company in the finance sector, but quickly became dissatisfied with the work and felt the best thing for me would be to leave. During this process of leaving I went to an exhibition at Off the Press called ‘Art for Our Sakes’, after seeing that an artist I admired the work of would be there, and immediately I fell back in love with the arts.

Since then my practice has come back in full force, this time manifesting as a painting practice with a community arts focus. For a while it seemed dormant, but upon reflection, I see that art, the desire to create, is something I have carried with me all day, every day, wherever I go.