Spring and Summer at Peshkar 20191 min read

The period after the Easter holiday is always an interesting one for us at Peshkar, as a lot of our time is spent reporting and gathering our thoughts after the Young Digitals Festival and Symposium. We also spend a lot of time at this point in the year finishing off Arts Awards and prepping for moderations. 

This year we have been working hard on a series of projects that will be showcased later on in the year as part of our partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University’s ‘Living Charter of Youth Rights’ project. Our five Waterhead Academy groups have been developing a series of pieces of work around the theme of rights and injustices that are faced by young people, coming up with three key themes:

‘Speak Your Rights’- this project is happening with our Year 7, 8 and 9 groups and has been led by artists Claire Wood and Ciara Tansey. The project looks at the issues of self-expression and protest. 

‘Alternarration Continued’- this project has involved our Year 10 group working with Engagement Manager Steph to create a series of pieces of work around the idea of social media, the arts and their role in protest. 

‘More than the Scores’- this project has featured our Year 11 group and includes a series of performance and sound works looking at the issue of exam results and other ways in which young people have their future paths defined by numbers and data.

We will be showcasing these pieces of work at the SICK Festival in October 2019, stay tuned for more updates.