Silver & Gold at Oldham College1 min read

Following on from last years successful delivery as part of the Young Digitals Festival, this year we have returned to Oldham College. As a result, we are excited to continue our work with their Level Two Games Design students. Last year we successfully moderated 10 Silver Arts Awards. In the coming months, some students will be stepping up to Gold level to achieve those all-important 16 UCAS points to add to their portfolio.

The students have started the programme by working with Arts Award lead Steph and artists MJ and Ryan. They will help them  get to grips with what is required for their Arts Award journeys and start developing some new skills in sound editing and VJ-ing. These skill the students can take forward into their forthcoming creative work.

After Christmas they will be working intensively with MJ to create their own new pieces of digital artwork. Their work will be exhibited at the Young Digitals Festival in March. The’ll then move on to the planning and management of the Young Digitals Symposium, due to take place in May.

Above all, we are very proud of our students and looking forward to seeing all they accomplish. This years Young Digitals Festival is not to be missed! Come back for more updates on their successes.

Photo by luciano de sa on Unsplash