Reflections: Collage, Creativity and Community2 min read

// Kate Partington

// Kate Partington


Writing this I am coming to the end of a workshop series called ‘Carving Queer Perspectives’. In this commission I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with a group of young queer people exploring collage as a medium and creating some really exciting and sometimes hilarious artworks.

Throughout this commission we’ve explored different ways on using collage as a medium starting with static collage, moving onto stop motion animation with collage (my personal favourite) and up-cycling some charity shop artwork with collage to create new unique pieces.

Being able to do this commission with this group of queer young people has been such a valuable experience to me, getting to know them all as individuals has been a really so rewarding and I think it’s the most I’ve laughed whilst running any workshops.

Exploring themes of gender and queerness whilst also maintaining an atmosphere of acceptance, positivity and joy has been a breath of fresh air and has offered so many different valuable personal points of view. The range of imagination creativity within the group truly knows no bounds and the work that these young people have made has been of such a brilliant quality. Within the sessions there have been loose conversations about how the young people have found it hard to find spaces to be creative. With many members discussing how it’s hard to emote self-expression through art whilst being visibly queer and neurodivergent, they’ve often felt as though they don’t fit into the mould of an art classroom and that their interests can be overlooked.

Being able to facilitate a space where these young queer people can enjoy and create freely without judgement is something that has been incredible to provide. As someone who felt the exact same way growing up queer, I aim to run workshops that myself and my other queer friends would have wanted to have access to but didn’t. They quality of these young people’s work proves that when given the opportunity they can really nurture their inner artists and create something brilliant.

This whole experience is one I truly have valued so much and these workshops have a very personal place in my heart. If given the opportunity I would start the whole thing over just so I can experience it all again.