Putting together the Lego pieces of what will be YDF 233 min read

“…we’re continuing putting together the Lego pieces of what will be YDF ‘23”

// Milena Nixon

// Milena Nixon

YDF23 Project Manager

So leaving from my last entry, we’re continuing putting together the Lego pieces of what will be YDF ‘23. I’m hoping those who read this have had a peaceful break amongst the hectic nature of the holidays. It’s a New Year, so let’s jump back into the swing of things with planning this hopefully amazing festival celebrating the diversity of the young people of Oldham. 

We have amazing workshops and events planned hosted by a team of talented artists. One program of workshops has been the engagement with the Oldham Level 2 Game Design students as part of their Silver Arts Awards so that they can expand their knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects, these have been facilitated by two female artists Alessandra and Kate. 

Alessandra-Maria Rădulescu (Manchester based), is a Romanian Computer Animation & VFX graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University, with a highly talented portfolio in Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Animation, 3D Character and Concept Art. Her strong knowledge of 3D graphics and relevant 3D software, and experience working with real-time particle and VFX editors, and Game Development made her a perfect choice to work with the students in establishing a foundation in game design. It gave them the opening they needed to be inspired and understand how to create a platform game from scratch (static background, 2-3 layers for middle ground, for FG: platforms, ground, character, collectibles) with Alessandra’s guidance, hopefully they’ve not only learnt some key skills but enjoyed it so much they’ll continue it further… 

Kate, the second artist to facilitate workshops with the Oldham College (it was always my plan to expose students to different artists to get a broader experience within the creative field just worked out even better with the recovery of spinal surgery and the whole you need to rest and not travel guidelines) took a different approach. 

Kate Partington (Manchester based), is a Art & Design graduate from the University of Leeds is a collage artist, designer and film-maker. Her work often combines both the analogue and the digital together in tandem, which I was very excited about as one of the key concepts for YDF23 is looking at both the analogue and digital and creating a foundation for the young people to build on as they further progress their creative digital skills. Creating both graphic designs and video through taking physical drawings and images, then translating and manipulating them digitally afterwards the artist establishes a powerful visual aesthetic but also the combination of both an analogue process and materials with the digital world can make us appreciate how both ways of working can complement one another. 

Through Kate’s workshop with the Game Design students, they will learn the fundamentals of taking a stationary collage created in photoshop and then transferring this and animating it in after-effects to create a visual animated video. The animation the artist made is focused on following a crow (inspired by the poem that inspired this year’s festival theme) through a moving collaged scene. I’m very excited to see that students will be keen to learn these techniques, both the static and moving collage using both Photoshop and AfterEffects as a way to hone the skills they learnt with Alessandra but also be inspired to create their own concept videos.

Both Kate and Alessandra will be returning later in the coming weeks to worth with the young people of Oldham, through Digital Saturdays and our outreach program with Mahdlo as I’m overjoyed with the work they’ve been doing and wanting to expand it further to give more opportunities for them as artists but also for the young people to learn from these inspiring women artists. 

I shall leave you all with the amazingly gifted portfolios of Alessandra and Kate. 



Milena Nixon, YDF23 Project Manager