Pathways @ Waterhead Academy1 min read

After the Rain

In January we started the second of our Pathways project in collaboration with Waterhead Academy’s Career Pathway programme. This programme enables Year 7 and 8 students to undertake a special project across a term that will give them additional skills connected to the world of work.

Our second project was a tie in with our 25th Anniversary celebrations and saw three artists from Peshkar’s extended family deliver workshops in music, beatboxing, poetry and drama.

The first three workshops in the programme were delivered by Faz Shah with Karuna Jaipal taking over for the remainder of the project. Support and documentation of the project was provided by Bhavesh Jadva.

Each of the artists took the brief to explore themes with the young people connected to Peshkar’s 2002 production ‘Just Before the Rain’. ‘Just Before the Rain’ took inspiration from the Riots that happened across Oldham in 2001and with this project, we wanted to explore with young people their feelings around identity and cohesion 16 years down the line. There was a learning curve for the young people involved in this project with the riots themselves taking place outside of their living memory and the project gave them the opportunity to learn about this major event that took place in their home town. The groups explored conflict, difference and bullying and two films were produced using their work that were showcased at the end of the project in school.

A huge thanks to Faz, Karuna and Bhav for their hard work and to Steph Eckhardt and the staff at Waterhead Academy for their ongoing support.