Oldham is Golden with Awards2 min read

Oldham based arts organisation Peshkar Productions is celebrating the successful moderation of 20 students from Waterhead Academy who have achieved the national qualification Arts Award at Bronze level. Alongside this Peshkar has also seen two of their emerging artists achieve Gold Arts Award and two of their youth steering group – and members of Oldham’s Youth Council – achieve Gold Arts Award as well.

Peshkar has been working with Oldham secondary school Waterhead Academy during the last academic year on their electives programme, delivering drama sessions with students from all school years. The 20 students who have achieved their Bronze Arts Award are the first students to achieve the qualification from the Electives programme and more students are working towards more Bronze and even Silver Arts Award before the end of the school year.

Gold Arts Awarders Jess and Samah at the Young Digitals Festival

Peshkar’s emerging artists programme – a programme that trains and offers opportunities to emerging artists under the age of 25 – has seen two of their artists – Fay Beesley and Bill Duffy – working over 18 months to achieve Gold Arts Award (a qualification that is equivalent to A-Level/BTec on the governments qualification framework) where they have delivered workshops in schools and colleges across Oldham and also take part in Peshkar’s international project Under25 where they trained and performed in Valencia, Lisbon and here in Greater Manchester, alongside 10 other emerging artists from Europe and the North West.

Samah Khalil and Jess Consterdine have worked over the past two years with Peshkar, leading their Youth Steering Group and helping deliver Peshkar’s annual Young Digitals Festival. During this time they have worked on their Gold Arts Award achievement. Both Samah and Jess are leading members of Oldham’s Youth Council and Samah is currently the member for Oldham in the Youth Parliament.

The Arts Award at all levels prepares young people to develop as artists and leaders. Peshkar productions is hugely proud of all participants and especially their Gold Arts Award leaders.

Gold Arts Awarders Sam and Fay at their Arts Award Moderation


Steph Brocken – Engagement Manager at Peshkar: “it’s been an absolute joy to work with students from Waterhead Academy and see them achieve this national qualification. To also see our artists develop into quality practitioners and also achieve Gold Arts Award is something to be celebrated. But we are so proud to have worked with Samah and Jess and see them develop not just as leaders but also as young adults. Them achieving Gold Arts Award is the icing on the cake. Well done all.”

Peshkar Productions continues to work with Waterhead Academy and will see more young people achieve Arts Award later this year, as well as students from Oldham College and Oasis Academy Oldham