To Be Young, Creative and Commissioned

Hey there fellow creatives! Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alina Rehman but you can just call me Alina. I am 23 and an upcoming performance artist with a creative background in theatre, performing, devising, writing and fine art. This is my first ever commission and professional performance project thanks to Peshkar. […]

Finding A Story

Hi, I’m John, a working-class queer creative artist and performer from Manchester. I’ll be holding theatre workshops at Uppermill Library in Oldham in which we will be celebrating stories and those that don’t often get celebrated. In our creative workshops we’ll be looking at visual and sonic prompts to create a storytelling response. There’s no […]

The Desire to Create

Art, the desire to create, is something we carry with us all day, every day, wherever we go. I loved studying art in high school and college. It was the subject I got the most out of, spending as much time as possible in our studio working on all sorts of ideas. It emboldened me […]

Musings on Mindfulness

In today’s fast-paced western society, maintaining a state of consciousness and appreciating the present moment can be challenging. Amid the rush and distractions, it’s easy to lose touch with the now. As a photographer practicing mindful art, I aim to share my experiences on accessing conscious being while creating art and escaping the pressures of […]

the life of an artist is never dull

How to begin this blog post… I could start by saying “the life of an artist is never dull”, or “routine is the enemy of creativity,” but neither statement feels particularly true. The life of a freelance artist is not always exciting and routine, though elusive, would be nice to have sometimes! I arrive at […]

’here we are’: Curating an Online Exhibition

Currently I am curating an online exhibition consisting of work created in collaboration with a group of young Pakistani women and Fatima Women’s Association. The digital exhibition will go live alongside the physical YDF24 exhibition in March next year, offering a unique perspective on a range of themes important to them, such as glimpses into […]

Reflections: Collage, Creativity and Community

Writing this I am coming to the end of a workshop series called ‘Carving Queer Perspectives’. In this commission I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with a group of young queer people exploring collage as a medium and creating some really exciting and sometimes hilarious artworks. Throughout this commission we’ve explored different ways on […]

Lisbon 2023

FUTURE OF THOUGHT – Peshkar x Young Digitals, Lisbon 2023 Young Digitals are proud to host and facilitate Peshkar from the UK. What is ‘The Future Of Thought’ – join for drinks, DJ and conversation. FUTURE OF THOUGHT – A Web Summit Side Event, Second Home Lisbon Join us for an exciting in-person event at […]

“The hardest part of outreach… is outreach.”

Outreach is a conversation, which begins at the first point of contact and effectively continues indefinitely as the needs of organisations and their participants evolve. Over the last three months, during back-to – back phone calls, meetings, project plans and inexhaustible email chains, a sentence emerged that remains wedged at the forefront of it all. […]

Carving Queer Perspectives

“The project in question is called ‘Carving Queer Perspectives’, well this is the current working title anyways.” At the time of writing this post I’m only 3 days away from the first delivery of the project which is…really exciting! To introduce myself, my name is Kate Partington and I am a working artist and designer […]