Musings on Mindfulness1 min read

// Katie Aird

// Katie Aird


In today’s fast-paced western society, maintaining a state of consciousness and appreciating the present moment can be challenging. Amid the rush and distractions, it’s easy to lose touch with the now. As a photographer practicing mindful art, I aim to share my experiences on accessing conscious being while creating art and escaping the pressures of daily life.

Mindfulness, defined as fully conscious awareness and acceptance of the present moment, is achieved through slowing down and focusing on the breath. This practice can extend to everyday tasks, turning chores into opportunities for appreciation. In the realm of art, mindfulness begins with appreciating the mundane, drawing inspiration from the everyday and embracing imperfections.

In photography, mindfulness is applied through observation. Before capturing an image, I immerse myself in the surroundings, amplifying gratitude for the beauty around. Unexpected moments become opportunities to frame subjects, reinforcing the belief in universal alignment.
Releasing expectations is crucial in commercial photography, where organization and efficiency often prevail. By letting go of predetermined outcomes, I open myself to surprises and changes in direction, fostering mindfulness through acceptance.

Slowing down is integral to mindfulness, achieved in my practice through analogue film photography. Stepping away from the hustle and bustle, film photography demands time, detail, and patience in both capturing and processing images.

Playfulness, reminiscent of childhood, is a mindful approach to creativity. Experimenting with collage, for example, allows for the release of expectations, promoting a fun and imaginative state where creativity can flourish without predefined goals.

In summary, embracing mindfulness in art and photography involves observation, releasing expectations, slowing down, and playful experimentation. By incorporating these practices, artists can connect with the present moment, appreciating the beauty in imperfection and finding inspiration in the everyday.