Like baking a cake3 min read

“Like baking a cake or any good tasteful and atmospheric dish we need key exciting ingredients to make a lasting impression…”

// Milena Nixon

// Milena Nixon

YDF23 Project Manager

Now it’s almost 6 weeks til the festival day, how time flies whilst you’re busy planning a festival on top of recovery! 

We’ve been busy putting together our digital campaign (and other key elements), as we want to leave a lasting online legacy of YDF23 Mother Tongue! Like baking a cake or any good tasteful and atmospheric dish we need key exciting ingredients to make a lasting impression on our young people and the diverse community of Oldham! 

Soon you’ll have the chance to fully engage with all our artists and young people who have been taking part on the actual day of the festival, but before then we thought we’d give you some tasters as to what’s to come! 

So, from my last entry we mentioned the amazing talent of Kate and Alessandra who have been working with Oldham College but will also work with us on our Digital Saturdays and Mahdlo. I’m really enjoying how there’s been a continuation zig zag montuno of artists working on different parts of the YDF23 it feels great to have such an amazing squad of female power behind me as I try to plan, deliver and execute my highly immersive and ambitious plan of Hidden Stories: Mother Tongue. (There’s definitely been some bumps and grinds already, but like always after a mini hair pulling moment I find my feet and a plan B). 

Without any more diversion, I want to introduce Nia Palmer, who will be working with Mahdlo Youth Centre with Kate on 2 fabulous projects helping Oldham’s youth in gaining key digital art skills, knowledge and confidence in expressing themselves through visual art and language. We talked about Kate’s Oldham College workshops which she will be bringing over to Mahdlo and expanding it further, adding finer details and pushing boundaries of concept video art. Nia, will be taking a slightly different approach but still just as much fun and enriching the young people’s lives through giving them opportunities they may not have had access to. 

Nia Palmer (Manchester based), is a Fine Art graduate from Manchester School of Art and a current MA Contemporary Curating student (my fellow classmate) at Manchester Metropolitan University whose work focuses on socially engaged art and activism through contemporary art practice, photography (digital and analogue), filmmaking, and video art. Her project with Mahdlo will not only look at collaboratively working together with the senior

group to provide them the opportunity of using the analogue (getting creative with disposable cameras), video editing and using film camera but also looking at the festival’s theme contextually, breaking down it into elements and how we can analyse language on a bit more theoretical approach. Which is thrilling as we’re not only wanting to visually stimulate the young people but also their brains and their thirst for knowledge! 

All in all, I’m excited for the projects to hit the ground this week and the amazing work all the artists will be doing to help strengthen young people of Oldham’s creative skills and experience providing them with knowledge and opportunities I never had as that goofy red wearing kid! 

Stay tuned, as over the coming weeks we will be introducing more artists and new partnerships with YDF23 and the work we do here with Peshkar… 

Leaving you with this very interesting TED Talk. 

Milena Nixon, YDF23 Project Manager