Introducing Peshkar’s Crisis Commissions3 min read

Over at Peshkar, we don’t like to rush into things, so over the past few weeks while we have been re-adjusting to the big changes happening all over the country, we have been thinking hard about how we can best use our resources to support the many freelance artists with whom we work throughout our programme. 

We are very proud to announce that over the next few months we will be opening our digital doors with some new commissioning opportunities for artists. Both those who are in our existing pool and those who we might never have met before.  

The aims of these commissions are to:

  •     Support diverse and exciting artists to profile their work online during this fallow period
  •     Support self-employed artists to continue their practice
  •     Make use of Peshkar’s existing digital platforms to share interesting, innovative and responsive artwork


Captive Audience

Our first commissioning opportunity is called ‘Captive Audience’ and is an invitation to artists in our existing pool to create a brand-new piece of digital art that enables them to shout about an issue or topic that they feel passionately about. This is an open-ended call, a simple inspiration that should generate interventions that are short and snappy in form and content. 

Each artwork will be shared on Peshkar’s website and profiled across all social channels. Each ‘Captive Audience’ commission is worth £250 and we will be awarding two of them in the next couple of weeks and an additional two in June.

If you are a member of our existing pool of artists, you can apply using the Google Form at this link

Artwork should be accessible and engaging to audiences of 13 and above provide inspiration to these young people to create their own work. 


Our second opportunity is all about ‘Connection’. We are interested in commissioning digital artwork that explores the different ways in which humans connect and interact. This theme is inspired by the current crisis but work does not have to be directly linked to current events. 

This opportunity is for artists working in a digital medium based within a 30 mile radius of our home in Oldham. You could be under 30 or have just entered or re-entered the world of artistic practice. We are particularly interested to hear from artists with diverse experiences including BAME artists, LGBT+ artists, Disabled artists, working class artists and those from refugee/ asylum seeking backgrounds. We will be awarding two of these commissions, each worth £500.

This call will go live on 27th April and application details will be posted both here and on Arts Jobs. 


At Peshkar we love a big idea! And we feel like this is the perfect time to start having some interesting conversations with artists. So we want to hear from you. If you’ve got a burning idea for a project you want to run or a piece of work that you want to create, give us a shout! We’ll talk through the idea with you, help you establish a budget, a target audience and a timeline and whether we can support you to make it happen at Peshkar. 

We’re pretty open minded but we’d love it if you were fairly local to us and we really need your ideas to be digital in some way, shape or form. We’re particularly interested in people we haven’t heard from before, haven’t heard of and have never heard of us! 

We’ll be opening the doors to this opportunity from the 20th April so watch this space for details. 

In the meantime, keep your eyes on our Instagram feed as we continue to profile the work of our brilliant artists through our Takeover programme.