’here we are’: Curating an Online Exhibition1 min read

// Nia Palmer

// Nia Palmer


Currently I am curating an online exhibition consisting of work created in collaboration with a group of young Pakistani women and Fatima Women’s Association. The digital exhibition will go live alongside the physical YDF24 exhibition in March next year, offering a unique perspective on a range of themes important to them, such as glimpses into their identity, sense of belonging, and culture.

Exploring Diversity: The first step in curating this exhibition was to sift through a treasure trove of photography and video work. Each piece, captured by these talented young women, carried the essence of their experiences and heritage. It was a vivid mosaic of colours, emotions, and narratives, reflecting the rich tapestry of Pakistani culture and its diaspora in the UK.

Themes that Bind: The content will be organized into thematic sections. “Family Life” showcases the warmth and unity of Pakistani households, bringing to life the values that underpin their culture. “Eid Celebrations” documents the vibrant and joyous festivities surrounding this significant religious holiday. Finally, “British Culture” explores their unique experiences living in the UK, bridging the gap between their Pakistani roots and their home.

Telling Their Stories: Curating an online exhibition is not merely selecting and arranging images; it’s about telling stories. Each piece will be accompanied by personal narratives, providing context and insights into the photographer’s perspective. This allows for a connection between the audience and the artists, fostering a deeper appreciation for the exhibited works.

The project titled ‘here we are’ will be showcased online and in a physical exhibition located in Oldham in March 2024, as part of Peshkar’s annual Young Digital Art’s Festival.