Gold Arts Award Achievers WoW at SICK Festival2 min read

On the 5th October, four of our recent Gold Arts Award achievers joined Engagement Manager Steph in a trip to Hulme in South Manchester to take part in the SICK Festival Takeover Party at Niamos. 

This event was the final closing event of the biennial Festival which commissions new work to focus on themes around health both physical and mental. This year the festival was one of several partners in the Manchester Metropolitan University-led project ‘Greater Manchester’s Living Charter of Youth Rights’. This project launched back in July 2018 and brought together different partners across Greater Manchester to consider what a Living Charter might look like, what issues and themes were of relevance to young people and what young people value in the 21st Century. 

Peshkar have been working on the project throughout 2019 and produced several pieces of work that were showcased at this closing event. Our Waterhead Academy Electives students developed work that focused on three key headings:

Speak Your Rights: looking at young people’s notions of rights: you can view of video of this piece of work here: 

Can Art Change The World?: Using theatre and performance to address issues

More Than The Scores: looking at the exam period and the stresses and anxieties experienced by young people. 

At the event itself we took over an upstairs room in Niamos and transformed it into our own front room, screening our two films and sharing two short live performances installation-style throughout the evening. 

It was a great experience to be able to share work within a professional performance environment and to be able to contribute to the wider conversation around right for young people in Greater Manchester. A big thanks to SICK Festival and the Charter team for having us and to all the young people who created the work shared.