Finding A Story2 min read

// John Thacker

// John Thacker


Hi, I’m John, a working-class queer creative artist and performer from Manchester.

I’ll be holding theatre workshops at Uppermill Library in Oldham in which we will be celebrating stories and those that don’t often get celebrated. In our creative workshops we’ll be looking at visual and sonic prompts to create a storytelling response. There’s no right or wrong with this practice, it’s just exploring what stories we want to tell, with a specific take on celebrating stories.

In my practice I aim to open the door to what stories we may not often feel are told in the arts. I also focus on the pre-existing stories we already tell and whether, within those, we explore whether there are aspects of character, setting, identity we can explore further. There are many hidden stories existing within already written stories. Young people are exposed to adult stories at such an early age now, and some of those stories can have a lasting impact on how they see the world. The impact that these tales can carry with us throughout life is something that really inspires my practice. I felt this was the perfect topic for my commission.

For this specific commission I’m using drama to promote a response in storytelling. I’m incredibly passionate about using drama as a tool for understanding others as well as ourselves more deeply. The space will be a safe space for the group to explore our own stories. I’m working on how I can invoke conversations and use those discussions to create something tangible for the young people to take away, an audio story, a piece of writing, a short scene. What stories are not celebrated enough? What should we celebrate more about ourselves? Why are stories so important? How does it feel when we see *our* story represented in the arts?