Europe to Doubled Collective2 min read

Whenever a big project like the Under25Routes project happens people are always interested to know what is the legacy of that type of project? What happens next?

Within Peshkar it has given us a new thirst for creative collaboration with partners here at home and overseas. Something which we’ve always done as an organisation but through this project it has given us a renewed vigour and more so with the upcoming Brexit – hard or soft or not at all – to work with and develop work with our European colleagues.

But it has also given confidence to our artist development programme, from which our Under25Routes UK based artists originated and still exist and who we call upon to deliver our work in education and youth settings across all of our projects – alongside a group of some of the best artists under (and over) the age of 25.

Separate from Peshkar, but because of the support and opportunity from Peshkar, we have also started to see another legacy of the Under25Routes programme develop. Four of our five artists who took part in the European project have now come together to create their own artistic and collaborative collective. Matthew (now named Laverack), Fay (now named Darvill), Bill and Damon together are now called DBLD : Doubled Collective.

We had the pleasure to see their first commissioned piece of work last week (21st November) at the Imperial War Museum North. Their piece ‘Not in my Name’ was a scratch performance with inspiration from Wyndham Lewis – an early 20th Century writer and artist. The evening of performances was the opening of an exhibition focused on the work of Lewis at the Imperial War Museum – North.

‘Not in my Name’ we were told was a work in progress of sorts. Where it goes from here who knows, but at this stage it was an energetic, poignant piece of total theatre, with music, soundscapes, poetry, spoken word, movement and performance. Throw in a bit of video art and basket weaving and it would have ticked almost all art forms. On the evening it was one of two performances, which really stuck out as exciting pieces of art, and performance.

Having only come back from their last tour of Europe with the Under25Routes programme at the end of September and within a month to be organised enough to be given a commission to perform at one of the North West’s most well known cultural institutions is a great achievement.

We’ll be supporting the team where they need it as they set off on their exciting cultural journey and we wish them the best of luck as their career develops. You can keep up with their progress by following them on Twitter: