Embrace Your Creative Calling: Navigating a Path to a Creative Career3 min read

// Melissa Boyle

// Melissa Boyle


Hey, you budding creatives! 🎭🎨

Are you someone who finds magic in doodles, rhythm in everyday sounds, or joy in weaving tales? If you’re nodding along, you’re about to dive into the world of creative careers—a place where imagination takes the lead, and passion becomes your guiding star. Whether you’re scribbling in the margins of your notebook or singing your heart out in the shower, your creative journey could be the gateway to an amazing career path.

Let me share a snippet of my own creative journey to give you a peek into what’s possible. From a young age, I’ve been enchanted by creativity. From making messy, marvellous art pieces to orchestrating impromptu shows for family and friends, I’ve always found comfort in expressing myself artistically.

When it was time for A-levels, I made a deliberate choice to immerse myself in the arts. Alongside two other subjects, I leapt into the world of performing arts. It nurtured my passion and set the stage for what was to come.

After A-levels I applied for university to study Drama and Performance Studies at The University of Worcester, which I LOVED! I got to immerse myself in a whole new world of creative mediums and learn new ways of creating performance that I didn’t know existed! As well as gaining amazing life experiences from university.

The day eventually arrived when I packed my bags and ventured to Manchester to pursue Contemporary Performance Practice at Salford University for my Masters. It was a whirlwind of emotions, from the excitement of new beginnings to the jitters of the unknown. But one thing was crystal clear: I was edging closer to my artistic aspirations.

Balancing academia and artistry was no walk in the park. I juggled my studies while also taking on a flexible job that allowed me to fuel my passion as an artist and actor. It was a challenge, but every moment spent creating, rehearsing, or performing felt like a step closer to my dream career.

Now, here’s the lowdown on how you can embark on your own creative odyssey:

Explore Your Passions: Try your hand at different forms of creativity. Dabble in writing, sketching, music, acting, or any art form that speaks to your soul. The goal is to uncover what ignites you.

Embrace Learning: Be it formal education, workshops, or online tutorials—keep learning. Seek out chances to refine your skills and broaden your creative horizons.

Network and Collaborate: Connect with fellow creatives. Collaborate on projects, join clubs or groups tied to your interests. The creative community can offer support, guidance, and potential career avenues.

Stay Resilient: The path to a creative career may twist and turn. Stay persistent, believe in your talent, and keep forging ahead. Remember, every setback is a stairway to success.

Follow Your Passion: Let your passion steer the ship. Pursue what truly sparks your soul, and don’t shy away from carving your distinct path.

Your creative journey is yours to sculpt, mould, and illuminate. So, embrace the unknown, and watch as your creativity guides you to remarkable destinations!