Discover Arts Award at Home 1 min read

As a Trinity Champion Centre and long-standing deliverer of Arts Award, we are pleased to be supporting the Discover at Home initiative. 

Trinity College London has developed ‘Discover at Home’ which will be available throughout the current period.

Discover at Home enables children to be rewarded for the creative activities they enjoy and supports them to connect with their local museums, theatres and arts activities they like, online or at home, and explore new ones, until it’s possible to visit them again. Arts Award Discover can also be completed in more normal times, usually in partnership with school or a local arts organisation.

Discover at Home is a fantastic way to keep children engaged in the arts and creativity while they are at home. With easy to follow guidance and lots of suggestions for arts, craft and creative activities, Discover at Home is a great option for parents & carers who may not be arts specialists themselves or are looking for something different to keep children engaged and entertained, without the need for assessment.


Download the resource for parents here

Download the resource for children here


To find out more please follow this link:


As experienced Arts Award deliverers, Peshkar are here to support families to undertake this version of the award though providing signposting to activities to take part in, any help and support regarding any section of the award, and someone to share your experiences with. As well as this, we will also handle the assessment and certification process for you. 

There is no cost to achieve your Discover at Home through Peshkar.