Change in a Box2 min read

In a confusing and challenging time, socially activated art is becoming more important. One of our Peshkar artists, Joseph Rynhart, explains more about a new project called ‘Change in a Box’.

What is Change in a Box?

It is a creative learning kit to help 13-19 year olds. It is a collection of resources promoting active citizenship, creativity, and the sharing of knowledge. The kit contains printed materials, trinkets and creative supplies. It is for anybody who wants to make a difference but doesn’t know how.

Why does this project exist?

We are living through increasingly extraordinary times. Current events are fast-moving, heightened, and more confusing than ever. For young people, it can be challenging to make sense of everything, join the conversation, or make a difference. Change in a Box helps to overcome these challenges – encourages participants to stand up, speak out, and be counted.

How does it work?

Change in a Box works because it is really accessible. It can be delivered, posted, or collected; it can be explored alone or in a group; it can be shared in-person or online. Learners go on a three-step journey:


Case studies: The kit comes with a magazine, introducing key moments from history that made the world a fairer place. It is jargon-free, visual, and easy to read. An audiobook version is available for those who need it.


Crafts: A creative challenge accompanies each story. For individuals, the crafts offer joy and diversion in a socially-distanced world. Collectively, the results of each activity are a means of active citizenship. They can be posted online, displayed in windows, or act as useful conversation starters.


Call-to-action: Change in a Box comes with a clear call to action which is informative, kind and practical. Learners are offered advice and resources to kick-start a sustained journey towards active citizenship. This includes examples of other ways we can all contribute to social change and links to useful resources.

Who is making Change in a Box?

The resources are being created by Theatre in the Rough together with a number of freelance artists and educators. Lancaster University, Curious Minds, Lancashire Youth Challenge, and The Culture Co-Op have commissioned 75 boxes for young people in Lancashire.

How can I get involved?

Aged 13-19? You can share your ideas for what should be included in the box by completing the survey here:


Aged 16-19 and based near Lancaster? You can sign-up to be a Box Developer and help design the final product! Find out more here:

Anyone else? Help this project reach even more people! Watch the video, share the link, and donate if you can at: