What is my Favourite Place and Why?

Ideas and relationships about certain places and locations has become a central aspect of my project with Blackburn Youth Zone, specifically through the lens of what spaces assist us with protecting our mental health and wellbeing. Place and place-based thinking is central to my artistic practice and one I find an important inspiration within. Location […]

Putting Together the Pieces: Unravelling Identity Through Digital Art

The Freedom of Self has been an incredible journey so far. As a facilitator of the project, seeing the progress of the students has been truly inspiring. Over the course of 8 workshops, the students made significant strides in their artistic development. They created mood boards, experimented with different techniques, and produced stunning 3D scenes […]

To be Young, Artistic and Self-Sabotaging

Is it only natural to be so critical of oneself more than others? Hey there fellow creatives! As someone who has lived most of her life being told she is good at different art forms and basing what she likes to do as a hobby and during her education as a career. I have found […]

Reworking, Reconnecting, Relief.

When travelling on the train to deliver my first session at Blackrod Church School, I found myself scribbling in my notebook. Before I met the year 6’s I would be working with for the next nine weeks, I wanted to remind myself of my intentions for the project. As is common when working with partner […]

Future-Thinking in Fitton Hill

Every Friday I’ll be working with the Fitton Hill Youth group on a series of workshops titled ‘My Future Self’ – discussing the futures these young people want to see and create. My creative practice is rooted in my study of visual anthropology, using art as a way of navigating different social issues. Traditionally anthropology […]

We’re still in the experimentation stage at the moment

Art classes throughout my time at school didn’t emphasise developing skills if you had a natural ability, it was kind of up to you to develop your skills independently. I thought when it came to GCSE and A-level art qualifications this would change, but again I found it was limited to foundational tools such as […]

Embrace Your Creative Calling: Navigating a Path to a Creative Career

Hey, you budding creatives! 🎭🎨 Are you someone who finds magic in doodles, rhythm in everyday sounds, or joy in weaving tales? If you’re nodding along, you’re about to dive into the world of creative careers—a place where imagination takes the lead, and passion becomes your guiding star. Whether you’re scribbling in the margins of […]

One of the 4% – Notes on Existing

I always weave my identity into my work whether it is my music or theatre. Since producing my own cabaret, We Need To Talk, a Jazz Cabaret, which was nominated for an OffFest award and was featured at this year’s VAULT Festival, I have found my love for connecting with an audience through storytelling through […]

Freedom of Self – Empowering Youth through Surrealistic 3D Environments

Growing up in a multicultural background has inspired me to consider representation and inclusivity in my art. In this blog article, I want to share how thrilled I am to work on a meaningful project in collaboration with Peshkar and Oldham College. Drawing inspiration from surrealism, as well as utilising Unreal Engine 5 for 3D […]