Carving Queer Perspectives2 min read

“The project in question is called ‘Carving Queer Perspectives’, well this is the current working title anyways.”

// Kate Partington

// Kate Partington

YDF24: Artist /01

At the time of writing this post I’m only 3 days away from the first delivery of the project which is…really exciting!

To introduce myself, my name is Kate Partington and I am a working artist and designer in Manchester. My artistic practise is based on collage and an exploration of this medium both digitally and traditionally in cut and paste. I often aim to entwine both the analogue and the digital within my work. The various themes my work explores change from time to time, but broadly I’m always very concerned with the human condition. In other words my art is angsty and weird.

The project in question is called ‘Carving Queer Perspectives’, well this is the current working title anyways. This project is about delivering a series of different arts workshops focused on collage with a group of LGBTQ+ young people.

As a very proud lesbian artist, working with this group is something I am so excited for. Queer youth are so creative, brilliant, resilient and the future of my community; to put on a workshop for them feels very special. It’s something I would have loved to have done as a young person so getting the opportunity to deliver it is an honour.

Up to this point in the project there been a lot of behind the scenes admin and organising. Usually admin is something that I procrastinate until the last minute because, well, it’s admin. However, this project felt different to me, and for the last few months myself and my colleagues have been emailing back and forth relentlessly with the amazing LGBTQ+ charity ‘The Proud Trust’ and popping in for the occasional meeting to discuss any specifics. Organising a workshop for queer youth and organising it predominantly with other queer people has just been incredible, it’s the first time in my career I’ve had this opportunity, and I think I want it to last forever.

Now all the behind the scenes work has been settled it’s almost time to start delivering the project. This is something I am honestly a little bit nervous for. I’m very excited but it’s always hard to shake the first delivery jitters. I think delivering workshops is always a bit nerve wrecking at first but I have been assured by our friends at the Proud Trust that this group of young people are some of the friendliest kindhearted creative youths they have the pleasure of working with, so that always helps.

Anyways, I think that’s about all I’ve got to report so far, I’ll be chiming back in after the project to share how it all went and discuss what I’m sure will be the amazing artistic outcomes 😉

YDF24: Artist /01
Kate Partington