Bubbling Up in Blackburn1 min read

We were delighted to be awarded one of the sought after ‘Bubble Up’ commissions form Curious Minds in September to work with One Voice and McNally’s Music Tuition in Blackburn to create a brand new project off the back of our ongoing collaboration. 


The project will see us working together with groups of children who have just entered Year 7 at school. These young people will have missed out on many of the usual ‘transition’ activities that characterise the end of Primary School as a result of the pandemic and the project seeks to support these young people to explore their feelings around what is happening in the world, make new friends and build their resilience. 


The project will take the form of a music video that will be developed by each of the three groups. Musicians writing a song, dancers creating choreography and a drama group managing the film-making process and creating a narrative and concept for the video. 


We really look forward to being able to share the final video at the end of 2020.