BLUNT Project1 min read

This November, Peshkar started a brand new project, working with the Youth Justice team at Positive Steps. The project is called BLUNT and addresses issues around knife crime. It is an early intervention project that aims to work with young people who may not have engaged directly with knife crime, but may be at risk for a number of different reasons. The project works with small cohorts of young people over a period of six weeks, leading them through workshops using youth work to think about the causes and consequences of knife crime as well as the medical implications. The element of the project that Peshkar were approached to deliver is around the creation of a final ‘campaign’ that is designed to advocate to their peers about the dangers of knife crime. 

We decided that this would be a great opportunity to do some exciting digital work so, for the first of three cohorts, the group worked with artist Ryan Gilmartin to use Snapchat to create a narrative. Ryan took inspiration from a piece of work called Cracked Screen ( that tells a harrowing and hard-hitting story through Snapchat. The young people taking part in BLUNT agreed that this method helped young people of their age to identify with the story and the themes and made it seem very real. It would also be easy to share between young people via other social media outlets. 

The project will return after Christmas where the young people with be working with another Peshkar artist, Adriana Buonfantino to create a different piece of digital campaigning.