Over the summer we delivered the ‘Bike Adventures Oldham’ cycling awareness project.

In preparation for delivery of our initiative we discovered that Oldham has one of the lowest cycling rates in the country with just 4.8{3c0d36e3735f757d9dabb56545ae857d7c08433cd9155c8b4932af97a8dc8594} of people getting on their bikes once a month, down from 7.2{3c0d36e3735f757d9dabb56545ae857d7c08433cd9155c8b4932af97a8dc8594} from 2013 as well as:

  • A lack of participation & engagement in cycling
  • A lack of awareness of cycling routes in Oldham
  • Poor perception of role of council in delivering cycling infrastructure

Funded by Mobisec through Oldham Council, the activity significantly raised awareness of Oldham cycling routes, pathways and opportunities using creativity and multimedia content.  In total over 100 pieces of multimedia artistic content was submitted and young people from the local community voted for their favourite online with coverage reaching over 10000 people reached.

The campaign was framed around a competition where young people posted creative content relating to cycling in Oldham onto the campaign’s Facebook page.

The entry with the most ‘likes’ won a Go-Pro Action camera to continue their creative journey.

As well as building a growing community of 13-26 year olds now engaged in cycling in Oldham, ‘Bike Adventures Oldham’ was an opportunity to develop a relationship with young people about issues that matter most to them and disseminate their findings in using culture and creativity.

Participants were involved in delivering the campaign completing modules for Peshkar’s best practice Silver and Gold Arts Awards. As always with this area of Peshkar’s work, the improved social outcome through this accreditation provides massive value to the young people we serve, improving their skills building in the long term.

The success of ‘Bike Adventures Oldham’ did not go unnoticed by the national media.  As a result of our work, both Peshkar and Oldham Council were showcased in the UK national media as an example of creative engagement with articles featured in Communicate Magazine, PR Week, The MJ and the PRCA industry blog.

Councillor Jenny Harrison, Oldham Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health said:

“We’re really impressed with the level of involvement from young people in this campaign. This really has been a campaign designed with young people for young people and delivered by young people.

Adam Gray, a Seventeen year old photographer from Oldham who won a Go Pro camera as a consequence of submitting the winning creative content on the BAO Facebook page added:

“This has been a brilliant youth focused campaign and a great idea to encourage people to submit their content. It’s been a lot of fun and I’d definitely love to be involved in any future plans for running it again.

Whether or not there is the appetite to continue this kind of work remains to be seen

Ultimately, ‘Bike Adventures Oldham’ proves once again by developing a co creation methodology for engaging young people that genuinely works and delivers results!

See below for some of the videos created by our young team to promote the project and celebrate Oldham’s diverse community of cyclists…