August Takeover Artist: Claire Wood2 min read

We got to know our August Takeover Artist, Claire Wood and her partner in crime Ciara Tansey a little better.

What’s your background? Ciara and I formed as a duo in university and have made multiple shows together throughout our studies.

Who are your biggest influences? Artistically? Who inspired you to become an artist? We have developed an eclectic performance style that involves both autobiographical comedy and physical endurance that pushes out bodies to exhaustion. Because of this we take a lot of inspiration ranging from Bobby Baker and Bryony Kimmings to Marina Abramović and Kira O’Reilly. We also like to look to other female duos such as RashDash and Lipservice.

How have you developed your career? (From student to artist) This is our current goal. We have only recently completed our Masters in Contemporary Performance Practice and are working towards creating more work as a duo. We have taken on multiple projects working with young people and teaching them about contemporary theatre which has been a very rewarding career development and something we would continue.

What does your work as an artist aim to say? We create performance to make sense of the world around us and tackle themes that need to be addressed. We create work about the everyday issues that get overlooked, we want to say what everyone is thinking but won’t say.

We place specific focus on the mind and body exploring endurance, suffering and exertion through themes of motivation, success and mental health. We want to entertain people, make them laugh and, most importantly, make them think.

What work do you most enjoying doing? I enjoy making work that is very physically demanding, task based and has an element of recorded sound or video that I have to edit.

What locations or places are the most artistically inspiring and why? I find just stepping into a theatre or studio inspires a lot of creative ideas. Seeing other shows and being around creative people is invaluable.

University – Do you need to have been to uni to make it as an artist? No! but its gives you time and space to explore and make work without the real world getting in the way.

Quick Fire Questions – Go!

Collaborate or work alone? Collaborate!

Plan ahead or improvise? Both, I always have a  plan but if something pops up you have to go with it

Inside or Outside? Inside

Laugh or Cry? Laugh

Morning or Evening? Morning

Football or Rugby or Cricket? None! Rowing and lifting.

Ed Sheeran or Liam Gallagher? Ed Sheeran

Doctor Who Male or Female? Female!

007 – Male or Female? Female! duh

Thanks for hanging out with us and watch this space for more artist interviews!