Did you know that Peshkar’s Arts Award offer is considered a champion in the region for delivery with young people that we target with our work.  As a recognised Arts Award Centre, we have been delivering Arts Award since it’s very early days having been set up at Peshkar by Vicky Holliday (nee Bell) and taken from strength to strength by Claire Platt, who was suitably awarded the title of Arts Award Inspiration by the young people that have benefited so much by Claire and the tireless commitment of our team.  Indeed we can now boast over 100 individual awards including the first gold awardee in the Oldham area, Faz Shah, who now sits on our board as a trustee.

Perhaps most importantly Peshkar are an Arts Award Supporter Organisation which means that we can help any young person to complete their Arts Award at any level. We act as an advisor to young people and can also help in the following ways:

Take Part: Get involved our workshops and projects

Inspiration: Speak to our artists and find out more about life as an artist

Leadership/ Volunteering: Volunteer with us or do a work placement to help you to

Achieve the leadership element of your award

Research: We can help you find the right opportunity in the local area to suit you and your Arts Award.

Currently our Arts Award offer is lead by Steph Brocken.  If you would like to learn more about Peshkar’s arts award and how you can get involved as a participant, artist, school or organisation, please email steph@peshkar.co.uk

You can see footage of our young people as part of this Arts Award promo here…