Arts Award at Waterhead Academy1 min read

This term we have asked lead artist Claire Wood to tell us all about the work she has been doing on the Electives programme at Waterhead Academy. This is our third year delivering on this programme and it is a great way for young people within school to get to engage more with arts and culture. 

Over the last term I have been running the weekly Drama elective sessions at Waterhead Academy. I have two classes, Year 8 and Year 9, who are all very eager to develop their performance skills and grow in confidence. I started the term with skill based workshops focusing on confidence, improvising and character work. These were extremely enjoyable sessions for both students and me, and a lot of the class stood up in front of the class and performed for the first time.

I then moved on to delivering our Arts Award program, ensuring that every student has the skills and knowledge to take part and complete their Bronze Arts Award. Arts Award is made up of four parts; Taking part, Being the audience, Arts Inspiration and Skill Share. There are two weeks left of this term and every single student is on the right track to complete their award by the end of term for moderation in January.

After Christmas the groups will move on to creating their very own new piece of performance work to be shared at YDF20.