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In March 2018, Peshkar embarked on a new European partnership project, working with partners in Belgium and Macedonia on a project funded through the Erasmus+ programme entitled ‘Alternarration’.

Alternarration will approach the sensitive issue of youth radicalisation and violent extremism with the aim of producing a resources that will support youth workers across Europe to identify and tackle this issue. The project has a particular focus on the digital landscape and those tools within the online sphere that are being used to attract young people to radical and extreme causes.

Peshkar’s role in the project is to generate ‘Digital Stories’ that will feature alongside the final resource to help illuminate, bring to life and challenge the themes and narratives of the project.

We are currently advertising for several artists to join us for this project and create this material. The callout for this role is below:

Alternarration Artist Callout

Peshkar is on the hunt for a small team of artists with digital practice to produce work for an exciting European project called ‘Alternarration’.

‘Alternarration’ explores responses to Youth Radicalisation across Europe; looking at how it happens, the stories of those who have encountered it, tools for combating it and how youth workers and those working on the front line with young people can help to fight violent extremism on the ground, in their local communities.

‘Alternarration’ also explores and questions what it is to be ‘radical’ in 2018, delving into the loaded nature of the word and what it means to young people.

Peshkar are producing a series of ‘Digital Stories’ that will accompany a wider resource being developed by partners in Belgium and Macedonia and we would like a small team of dedicated, passionate, exciting and innovative artists to undertake this work.

You should be…

  • An artist working in a digital medium. This could be video, photography, digital sound, game design, digital art, coding or something that we haven’t even heard of yet.
  • Emerging’ as a participatory artist. By this we mean you should be confident and assured in your artistic practice but eager to develop new skills in communicating and passing on your practice to groups of young people.
  • Happy to collaborate and work as a team with other artists outside your own discipline.
  • In possession of all your own kit and equipment.

In return…

  • The fee for this commission is £1500.
  • You will also be provided with the opportunity for European travel where your flights and accommodation will be paid.
  • You will also join Peshkar’s artist pool and have access to a suite of training opportunities as well as additional commissioning opportunities throughout the year.

You need to…

  • Application for this commission is through submission of a proposal document for which we will send the full project brief.

Please email with the subject heading Alternarration to be sent the full brief.

The deadline for this commission is 30th April at 5pm.

We will then interview candidates.