A Bumper Arts Award Summer1 min read

When lockdown was announced all the way back in March, we knew immediately that this would mean an unfortunate suspension and, in some cases, termination of Arts Award journeys for some of our young people. We were at a crucial time in the delivery of Silver and Gold Awards with Oldham College students and were almost certain that we would not be able to progress them to the conclusion of their awards. However, when Trinity College announced that they would be using an ‘Extraordinary Regulatory Framework’ to help young people complete their awards who’s studies had been suspended, we were delighted. 

This enables us to support three of our Photography group and six of our Games Design group to achieve their awards. Adding this to the 13 Bronze Awards also achieved during the lockdown from our One Voice project, our online ‘Creating Connections’ project and some of our Waterhead Academy students and that makes for a bumper summer lockdown! 

As a Trinity Champion Centre for 2020-21, we are really proud to have achieved these awards for our young people and we’re very curious to see what the rest of the year brings for us and our partners. We know that whatever happens, it will certainly involve Arts Award.