They say a picture says a thousand words so this for this final week blog post of Under 25 in Lisbon I have decided to combine photos from the final week with some text.

5 weeks where have you gone? If you had told me I would been semi naked, wearing heels, with Paula’s bum dancing whilst we badly sing the Europe song to start our show I would wonder how that happened. But its clear how it happened by working with these other crazy but amazing 11 other artists. We said in the first week we wanted to bring the fun in this performance, we wanted to show us. And if it wasn’t for us changing our minds at the last minute I don’t think we would have achieved that.

On Monday are show looked completely different it involved making a mess and cleaning it up. But we did what we did best and decided to talk and change it that evening. It all came back to the solos in which we had been working on and developing for the last 4 weeks and with the help of Sara on Tuesday we were able to stich them altogether and start to create some form of order.

Then it was just left up to us to rehearse as much as we could before Thursday’s performance. We also managed time to fit in a quick shopping trip for costumes. I have honestly never seen someone look so good in heels as Bill. That man was meant to wear heels.

Then before we knew it Thursday was upon us. The morning was full of last minute rehearsing and defining the details within the performance. As well as making sure all our tech was working correctly. And then before we knew it it was time to get ready make up and all.

And then within half an hour all the struggles, the fights, the arguments, the stupid dancing around the studio singing as loud as we all could to Beyoncé and the hard work paid off.

It was clear this performance was a step above that of Valencia. And this time round we were having fun it didn’t matter what the audience thought we were showcasing us, the 12, and showing what we were all capable of. I hope that when we watch the video back we see that and take that positive, fun energy with us to Manchester in order again to create something in which we the 12 are proud of.

I can honestly this process is not easy, and it’s definitely a roller coaster of emotions at times. I have definitely been pushed as an individual and as an artist. But I have learnt, I have developed, and I have grown. Most importantly I’ve had a brilliant time in Lisbon with some of the most intellectual and lovely people anyone could have met.

To quote Noel – “In Lisbon its so easy to down when your up but so hard to go up when your down”.

So here’s to Manchester and hoping we keep going up and up!

Fay Beesley

Photos taken by Luna Rebelo, Fay Beesley, Joao Catarino, Pepa Roig and Cristina Martinez Garcia.

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