Under 25 Routes – The Final Tour2 min read

The Under25routes company have been on tour across Europe these past two weeks. Giving their performance of The Golden Triangle a final outing to people across Spain and Portugal.

Steph Meskell-Brocken – the tutor of the British artists on the programme – has been keeping a blog on each location.

Valencia: We arrived with a sense of trepidation to La Rambleta on Monday morning. We knew aspects of the show had to shift to accommodate the loss of two cast members between Manchester and now but in what way we were not sure. Happily the morning moved swiftly with decisions made and plans hatched for the way in which the next few days were going to work. And then we went to the beach!
Re-blocking and technical rehearsals followed with pieces of the show coming together and revealing themselves gradually until performance day on Thursday which was well attended and brillianly run.

Estremoz: On Saturday we loaded ourselves and luggage into a car and a van and began the journey through Spain to Estremoz, Portugal. A couple of stops and six hours later and we were greeted by a calm, white and superbly pretty location. We were staying in the Covento Das Maltezas which is now a science museum and centre of research for the local university and here the group performed the show in a beautiful courtyard in the centre of the convent. It was a great experience for the group to re-block the piece for the new environment, both outdoors and with a different audience configuration.

Lisbon: On Tuesday, after a much shorter car journey we arrived in Lisbon and back to the familiar surroundings of Teatro Iberico. What followed were two days of technical planning and hurried translations of instructions between group members and theatre staff. The show itself is scheduled for Friday night and will be followed on Saturday by our partners Companhia Joao Garcia Miguel’s flagship monthly Baile Do Engate event that will double up as a final celebration for our group.