Valencia Week 4 – Residency Blog

Valencia Week 4 by Matthew Harrison-Lord. Here’s my week roundup of the 3rd week of the residency. When every Monday roles around we make the comment of “Monday English” – this is because the common language between all residents is English and so we communicate through this… However on a Monday morning everyone speaks ‘Pigeon […]

Valencia Week 3 – Blog

Week 3 in Valencia, Week 2 residency blog. – Fay Beesley After a weekend of experiencing Spanish theatre, watching football and overall just relaxing it was back to working but this week back to where it all started La Cambra. Monday 11th of July Monday was a day of discussions. We discussed everything from the […]

Valencia Week 2, Residency Week 1

This week we bring you the diary blog of Bhavesh Jadva one of our artists taking part in the Under25Routes project as the 12 artists enter their first real week of residency at La Rambleta in Valencia. After frolicking around Valencia for the weekend, including a sweltering trip to the beach and a sweltering trip […]

Under 25: The First Week – Some Reflections

On Monday 27th June I flew out to Valencia with four young artists to kick off the Under 25 project with four days of a ‘Laboratory’ where they would prepare themselves for their four week residency through workshops, presentations and seminars with Spanish artists Bea Fernandez, Cristina Blanco, Roger Bernat, La Dula and Agost Productions. […]